“I design human-centered visual systems and structures using information design, data visualization and creative technologies to help people understand complex ideas and find meaning.”






Visual Systems

Design has always been largely about systems. A visual system creates a language that helps people navigate information faster and understood information holistically.


Information Design

Plan for a product, system, service or human interaction facilitating complex idea and story understanding. Broad reach into graphical user interfaces, experiences, publications, branding and as an innovation strategy such as design thinking.


Design Research

Design research uses established research methods to address practical questions as well as the aesthetic, functional and socioeconomic dimensions of both the product and process. Design research uses ethnographic methods, thought modeling and iteration that is often embedded into the design process.


Data Visualization

Data and complex information represented in a pictorial or graphical format as a form of visual storytelling. It explains analytical information, helps prompt intuitive leaps and invites exploration to help  people understand complex ideas and find meaning.


Creative Technologies

Transdisciplinary field combining computer technology, design, art and the humanities for advertising, product design, experience design and media that is increasingly data-driven.


Social Innovation

Using design research methods to find more effective, efficient and sustainable solutions to social problems.



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