Bright Spots & Disparities: Creating a Culture of Health in Appalachia:


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,

Appalachian Regional Commission,

Healthy Kentucky Foundation

$750,000 |  2015 to 2017


Project Description:

The purpose of this innovative, multi-part health research project is to identify factors that support a culture of health in Appalachian communities and explores whether this knowledge translates into actions that other communities can replicate. Predictive analaysis using positive deviance for 41 heath and culture indicators.


Role: Co-Investigator, Data Visualization, Storytelling, Design


Status: Quantitative data research report finished, (350 pages, December 2016)


Years:  2015-2017 (18 months production)


Link: RWJF project to close gaps

Environmental Monitoring Technology: Stream to Cloud


Ohio University: Voinovich School of Leaderhip & Public Affairs, School of Information and Telecommunications,

Russ College of Engineering

$49,327 | 2014 to 2016


Project Description:

The purpose to this project is to develop and test low-cost technology that can be used in remote locations for water quality environmental monitoring. Working with an interdisciplinary team of environmental scientists, computer scientists and engineers in Appalachia. The success of the strategic  communications design has expanded from one project to a comprehensive research platform for all of the environmental technologies the partnership is innovating.


Role:  Co-investigator, communications strategy, website/mobile design, data visualization.


Status: Phase II to be completed June 2017;

Phase I Communication plan, Design (UX and UI) finished;


Year:  2014 to present (12 months production including one field visit)


Link: Data dashboard (in building process)

Dashboard shows real-time data from a product test stream near an abandoned

coal mine.

The Water Project


Ohio University, School of Visual Communication, School of Journalism, Geography Department, Voinovice Center for Leadership & Public Policy,


Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to provide aggregated information about water quality environmental issues in the Ohio Appalachian Valley using a strength-based community approach to sharing information and viewpoints with investigative journalism at its core. The Water Project is both an innovative publishing platform and archive for environmental journalism, research and advocacy. The site launched with eight investigative stories and a custom designed and programmed geographic data visualization and was the first major interdisciplinary collaboration between schools and colleges at Ohio University.  More info

Role: Graphics Editor
Initiated project, directed and managed nine teams producing interactive multimedia. Served as creative lead and conceived clearinghouse idea for journalism and community information. Art directed all graphics and website design including custom map and data visualization. Designed and wrote copy for landing page, designed inside stories and edited student reporter's articles. Also taught Advanced Information Graphics that produced infographics, an Independent Study group that produced the custom map and data visualization and an Indpendent Study for brand development. The Water Project involved approximately 70 faculty and students and was produced in 16 weeks.

Status: Complete September 2014


Year:  2013-2014 (12 months production)


Link: The Water Project

American Legion Post No. 5


American University, School of Communication

Washington, D.C.


Project Description:

The purpose of this project was to document the story behind the historical preservation of D.C.’s only American Legion Post with African American members and to honor the organization's role in the civil rights movement. Collaborated with Angie Chuang, an associate professor at American University. Helped hire developer and guide the website interface design and visual storytelling.


Role:  Art Director


Status: Completed May 2016


Year:  2015 to 2016 (3 months consulting)




School of Media and Journalism | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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